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"I am a Garden-Artist!" says David Burnett, Landscape Designer. Since the age of 5, David has had an interest in all things green, even if it started as pulling up the plants in his dad's vegetable patch. David attended a co-operative education program in southern New Jersey that allowed him to work with master gardeners and college professors on private estates. As he developed his trade, he learned the principles of horticulture and developed a unique design perspective. Now, after 15 years in the green trade across the Main Line, David has completed projects for an impressive list of clients and serves as Master Gardener for several residential properties.

David says, "When I’m asked, what do you do? I tell people that I’m a Garden-Artist. More than a Landscape Designer, I view every project as a unique canvas – and instead of paint, I use colorful plants, rich soil, aged stone and textured materials to create my art."

From whimsical, free-flowing butterfly gardens to formal English boxwood hedges, David can create a garden that aligns with your overall lifestyle and taste.

Main Line Landscape Designer
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